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You can perform the following to resolve the issues: Make sure User Profile Synchronization service is running In the user profile service application make sure "Profile Synchronization Status" is not stuck in synchronizing state. Start a full User Profile Synchronization Re-add forest and make sure the password of the account used for synchronization ...


based on your statement, it looks like the user profile sync is not happening properly. follow the below troubleshooting steps: Try doing a sync manually meaning re-importing. that should clear the problems. Inspect the log entries Make sure timer services and user profile sync services are running properly. Also, additionally make sure the account used ...


I guess the application pool is running under that user. If you Login to your Site with the same (managed) account the web application is running under, it will identify you as "System Account".


After many tests, finally I can reproduce the error "There is already a term with the same default label and parent term" In my custom termset 'CustBusinesUnit', the "IsAvailableforTagging" is unchecked. It means: User profile cannot REUSE the existing terms in the termset User profile can ADD NEW terms in the termset and use it as the profile value ...


Since you are passing values from csv file and all the users are getting updated in a loop. I can think of a below possible way to trace the problem and a possibility to crack a problem. Trace the problem: It might be possible that, for 2 users you are saving same value in CustBusinessUnit. So in first iteration of loop, while you update the user profile, ...


Try our Plumsail Org Chart. It has friendly navigation, quite flexible configuration, printing and it is HTML based. You can customize almost everything. I'm part of the team who developed this product.


I have created a custom Organizational chart for my client, which read user information directly from active directory. I am using google orgchart api in my custom code. If you wish to create i can help you otherwise if you can afford little sum of amount you can try PlumSail Org Chart that is also good to use.

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