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If the actual Service is stuck in Stopping or Starting: Firstly, run this: Get-SPServiceInstance This will show a list of service Instances. Find your broken Service (Status will be Provisioning or Unprovisioning) Get the GUID of this Service Next $srvc = Get-SPServiceInstance "GUID" $srvc.Unprovision() Wait for sometime it will stop Verify that ...


In your case you don't need to change the UPS account , and to start the UPS service you should use the farm account meanwhile the farm account should be added to local administrator group during starting and provisioning UPS service. Keep in mind, adding the farm account to local Administrator group is required only to start the User Profile ...


There's no supported way to change this, so my suggestion would be just to use T-SQL to make the modification. USE [ProfileDB] UPDATE dbo.ProfileSubtypePropertyAttributes SET IsAdminEditOnly = 0, IsEditable = 0 WHERE PropertyId = 3;


No, it's not supported/possible. Microsoft only supports N-1 publishing (that is, 2016 can publish for 2013, but not 2010).

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