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You can perform the following to resolve the issues: Make sure User Profile Synchronization service is running In the user profile service application make sure "Profile Synchronization Status" is not stuck in synchronizing state. Start a full User Profile Synchronization Re-add forest and make sure the password of the account used for synchronization ...


based on your statement, it looks like the user profile sync is not happening properly. follow the below troubleshooting steps: Try doing a sync manually meaning re-importing. that should clear the problems. Inspect the log entries Make sure timer services and user profile sync services are running properly. Also, additionally make sure the account used ...


You can have as many as you like. That said, where the conflict would come in is if you are exporting UPA attributes to AD DS. As long as you're not doing this, feel free to configure multiple UPSS Sync Connections on multiple farms within the same forest.


It's a bug. The commands are actually correct. When I changed a user property, changes were saved. I ended up changing a dummy property in order to save the custom profile subtype. $site = Get-SPSite -Identity http://www.mysharepoint.com/sites/sitename $serviceContext = Get-SPServiceContext $site $upm = new-object ...


You can't. The maximum length of the User Profile Core Property Name and Display Name is 50 characters. It's enforced in the setter. Why do you need more than 50 characters?


When you sent time to formulate a question on a forum the you focus a Little extra afterwards, and so a solution materialized in this case! No GUIDs and no JSON, just a plain array of properties with string values! UserProfileService.PropertyData[] props = new UserProfileService.PropertyData[1]; props[0] = new UserProfileService.PropertyData(); ...

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