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Couple of things. if you have the User Profile Service enabled then setup a filer to exclude the disable /deleted account from importing.Creating User Profile Synchronization Exclusion Filters using the userAccountControl attribute If you want to remove the user from sharepoint then i recommend to use this powershell script. Funcations: Function ...


Try Removing her from the hidden user list https://<siteUrl>/_catalogs/users/simple.aspx Then when she logs in again, it should re-add her to this list. You can then confirm the name has been updated


I used the New Managed Property in the end. Just created a New Managed property and this property I was able to use for filtering. Don't know if Office property is available by default but using new managed property just did the trick.


User profiles are not stored in Site Collections, rather the user profile service. The Patterns & Practices group has two samples showing how to read and update User Profiles: https://github.com/OfficeDev/PnP/tree/master/Samples/UserProfile.Manipulation.CSOM https://github.com/OfficeDev/PnP/tree/master/Samples/UserProfile.Manipulation.CSOM.Console


Are you doing this on-premise? I'm not sure this is supported on-prem yet! See details here: What about on-premises? Right now this capability was released only to the Office 365 side, but we are actively listening input from the customers and partners for following other actions. You can still continue using user profile web service in the ...


If you have SP2013, you should access the user profile properties via the client object model, or via the corresponding REST endpoint, instead of downloading the EditProfile.aspx page and parsing the page. See this post and this one as well for code samples. If you have a pre-SP2013 version, the best choice might be to call the User Profiles web service. ...

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