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There are 3 properties in User Profile Services Work phone,Department and Title which are visible on the Profile. So you can work around with it.


In Foundation the User Information is stored in a hidden list at the root of the Site Collection called the User Information List. The list is populated when a user first accesses a site collection. (In SharePoint Server the list still exists and is synchronized with the User Profile by two timer jobs.) Updates to the list occur when the user is "Active" on ...


You need to declare the collListItemsEP variable globally so that it'll be defined when used in the success callback.


You could leverage HttpSend activity by consuming SharePoint User Profile REST API to return specific user profile properties like Department. Assume we need to retrieve current user Department property. 1) Add HttpSend activity and specify its properties: Method: GET Uri: string.Format("{0}/_api/SP.UserProfiles.PeopleManager/GetMyProperties",WebUrl) ...

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