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their is differece between both of properties. Ask Me About basically map to SPS-Responsibility user profile Proptery. Which explain, basically it is your responsibilities at the job. Which might be different from your skill set, might be you have more skills then the responsibilities. Skills as display name saying, it is skills you have.


After smacking my head around for a long time, I finally figured it out. Keeping in mind the code in the opening post, this is what I added: $p.TypeProperty.IsVisibleOnEditor = $false; $p.TypeProperty.IsVisibleOnViewer = $false; After figuring this part out, I still saw no changes because the fields where not updating. I found out that I had to update ...


Just been puzzled by this myself and there's one more trick. Even a Full Crawl doesn't pick up the new property unless there's some data in it for at least one user. After that, an Incremental Crawl was all I needed for it to appear in SharePoint Online.

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