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This may help but I am using this code in a SP Online. var strFieldName = "FieldName"; var ppDiv= $("[id$='ClientPeoplePicker'][title='" + strFieldName + "']"); var spPP = SPClientPeoplePicker.SPClientPeoplePickerDict[ppDiv[0].id]; spPP.AddUnresolvedUserFromEditor(true); if (!spPP.HasInputError) { var userKeys = ...


Lets talk about how we can get a picture in user’s My Site to be synchronized with Active Directory (AD) and hence other applications like Outlook or Lync (formally office communicator) can utilize it. So lets get started with assuming – 1)“User Profile Synchronization Service” is in “Started” state on appropriate SharePoint server 2)“Replicate Directory ...


I used this Powershell script to do a Active Directory synchronisation: Get-SPUser –Web http://<URL> | Set-SPUser –SyncFromAD

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