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You can update your query as /_api/Web/Lists/getByTitle('Tasks')/items?$filter=(Author eq 12) The SharePoint REST removes the Id appended to any of the lookup Field or people-picker


No. Removing a user will not remove their files they created on SharePoint sites that are not their OneDrive. Eventually, after 30 days, their person site , which contains their OneDrive, will be purged. In addition to the article mentioned earlier, see also this article:


Apparently they are purged after 30 days. See for some background and useful information. Cheers


Have you checked the permissions on the list itself, by the sounds of things, the list may have different permissions to the page


You'll want a domain trust in place. Create a new farm as you plan on doing, and restore the content databases/service application database as applicable to the new farm. For users, are you migrating them between domains with SID History? If so, the source account must be disabled, otherwise you break the Microsoft security model by having more than one ...

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