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Go to site settings -> Navigation. And under the "Global Navigation" option, please check the number of "Maximum number of dynamic items to show within this level of navigation:" Try to increase it, maybe this helps. In the past i had some issue, and it was here.


Updating the work flow's wsp is little shady. You can use the Update-spsolution to upgrade it but what about the running instance of the Workflow? and it also depend what you change in the wsp. Check this for more information. Upgrade custom workflow in SharePoint


Update-SPSolution is what you need, assuming you did not add any new features to the workflow. If you did, you need to use Install-SPSolution Check out this link referencing upgrading workflows: https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/aa543659.aspx In both, the DLLs and the files will be updated in the GAC the same way, but if the solution has changed the ...


You need to make sure the web applications and customizations are in place before you mount the content database to the web application. The full process is described in the article Upgrade content databases to SharePoint 2013: Create Web Applciations Create a web application for each web application that existed in the SharePoint 2010 Products ...

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