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1- one solution is to use XPath functions to extract the simple inner text. see below sample <xsl:value-of select="substring-before( substring-after(@Service_, '&gt;') , '&lt;') "/> you can use some useful auto-complete XPath editor or more advanced editor in ribbon (see below image) 2- note the disable-output-escaping="yes" attribute ...


their is no easy to calculate the down time for the upgrade, it is multi-factor calculation. Its depend number of server, Amount of Data, Hardware used on server and gap between the Services pakc, etc. Check this one http://blogs.msdn.com/b/toddca/archive/2008/08/02/the-zero-downtime-sharepoint-patching-myth.aspx


Check if its still pointing old URL. ULS logs would be much handy to solve this. MOSS 2007 has a /default.aspx page which now converted in SharePoint 2010 to /pages/default.aspx or /sitepages/default.aspx. You may need to create a new page as default page and put the content back on it or use SharePoint Designer > All Files to locate the old page. Hope it ...

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