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CMSPublishing#0 is designed to be used as a template for a sub site in a site collection where Publishing Infrastructure is already enabled. Credit goes to Paul S.


If it happens every 29th hour then I'd suspect IIS recycling. If not then I'd look at custom code which: might access some other ressource which is unavailable at that point in time. has a cache expiration of something which takes 5 minutes to read Or it might be due to backup or timer job taking all the server resources.


I think, in your case you have the permission issue on the folder where you cofigure the logs.This problem occurs when you change the default path of the Diagnostic logging. Please make sure the following groups having the proper permission on log path. WSS_WSP(server\WSS_WSP) WSS_ADMIN_WPG(server\WSS_ADMIN_WPG) ...

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