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This was a Known Issue in 2010 and they fixed it with December 2013 CU. I am surprised to see the same issue in 2013, did you apply the latest CU to your Farm. Before applying the Latest Update, i would try to flush the Blob Cache. $webApp = Get-SPWebApplication "<WebApplicationURL>" ...


IMO you shouldn't mess with Diagnostics Service. It is writing to centralized log for a reason. Instead I would try to convince tenants to write Product information in their logging records. This way you can filter records by respected product and even send filtered reports using ULS Viewer. Personally, I like to map a feature to product field in ULS.


What about writing a script that copies the ULS as it's written, and separates out the built-in and custom lines? This way, you don't have to hack any core code (yikes!), and you can provide the users with either or both logs.


That GUID is just an identifier for that error/exception. Yes your are right that it is not connected to any feature or any other else.


This exception comes from the method named Portal.SP.Branding.BrandingEventReceiver.FeatureActivated(...). This is not part of SharePoint, but probably belongs to a custom component which is deployed on the server. Only the developers of this component can tell when they throw such exceptions. My guess would be that the error handling in this component ...


What is SharePoint Correlation ID? The correlation ID is a GUID (globally unique identifier) that is automatically generated for every request that the SharePoint web server receives. Basically, it is used to identify your particular request, and it persists throughout further communications, if any, between the other servers in the farm. Technically, this ...


The guid is just a correlation id, a unique exception id in the uls. It does not mean anything. An error happens in you feature receiver. It is hard to say from the stack trace what fails. I'd suggest to do following: Try to debug by attaching your code to the SharePoint process (can be hard to go into the debug breakpoint) Try to run this code outside ...

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