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Enabling AllowAppOnlyPolicy in app manifest alone will not guarantee that your code will be run in elevated rights. But you should generate apponlyaccesstoken using TokenHelper.GetAppOnlyAccessToken and use this token in TokenHelper.GetClientContextWithAccessToken to generate the client context. Now this context will be of elevated rights. ...


Finally, got the solution to it. Step 1. In appregnew.aspx page under app domain do not give www. in the url Util otherwise you have the url. You give without www. Step 2. Update the new Client id and secret key in azure site Now run it, will work for sure!


When developing app aka add-in with Visual Studio 2012/2013, Client ID is being taken care of automatically. However, at the time of deploying app, you must register it with both Client ID and Client Secret generated using appregnew.aspx. App domain is where your web application is being hosted could be Azure/on-prem server. The appregnew.aspx should look ...

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