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What is the time zone set in SharePoint Central Administration? Go to the following link and see if the time zone matches what you expect: http://<CentralAdminUrl>/_layouts/regionalsetng.aspx Also check the regional settings for your Site Collection to see if the correct timezone is set.


To my knowledge there is no mechanism by default that could enabled you to do this. You could however rely on having top-level site push down same Regional Settings to sub-sites (via a event receiver monitoring changes) and in your DVWP rely on functions in the ddwrt namespace to format dates the same way for everyone (you could use LCID which is available ...


This is almost certainly a result of your timezone. When a Date Only picker returns a value, it returns a DateTime, where the time component is midnight for the local timezone - e.g. 2012-01-04 00:00:00. When this value is converted to UTC time, it can become a value for the previous day. For email, if the local timezone for the above datetime is +2, then ...


I have the same problem for any user who has changed their time zone in their regional settings to something different than the server. In my case, I set up a workflow to send a notification email for specific criteria in a list, however when the user that has a different time zone than the server creates the item, the date and time stamp in the email is ...

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