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It's unsupported because that isn't the only place the connection string resides. There are a few SharePoint Objects that would also have to be updated (including making direct changes to the Configuration database). This is unsupported in and of itself. You'll need to use cliconfg to create a SQL Alias or rebuild the farm.


The culprit will the most probably one of the custom jobs. Check the ULS log for the OWSTIMER Monitorable/Perfomance events should give you some idea what is wrong . On Non Prod server I would restore your content DB and check custom jobs one by one, just by executing jobs to see which one will cause the memory spike. Hope that helps.


If its your custom timer job & if you are using the on-premises version of SharePoint 2013 than please debug the code first as this can be an error of the code. You can debug the timer job by attaching the same OWSTIMER.Exe from the visual studio.

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