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Problem Solved When I was specifying the site to run against: I had to use https for it to work. Silly mistake really: It connects properly now.


Have you checked below given link for the same issue which you are having? Eventid 8031 visible every 15 minutes It is mentioned over there that you should use STSADM -o deleteconfigurationobject -id <ColumnID> I am not sure whether it works for you or not. Please let me know if it not works for you. Thanks


A single timer job could read from a data source (e.g. SharePoint list) which marks what Site Collections need to be processed, as well as what Site Collections have been processed (e.g. a column with the URL, and a column with a Boolean 'completed'). The timer job could then take 10 at a time and process only those. You could use multi-threading in order to ...

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