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Their is no such option which you can use and Disable the OOTB timer job service at the document library level. Timer Jobs perform the task for timer service, web applications etc. If you disable the timer job for a web application scoped then all the site collection from that web app will be suffered...i.e. if you disable the timer job for the alerts then ...


Assuming you're referring to Document ID timer job. This is not possible. Others have went the full custom way and implemented custom Document ID service in order to make this possible.


Their is no OOTB way to setup alerts on the timer job. You can use the 3rd party tools which is best way, to montior the sharepoint farm. We are using the SCOM from MSFT. Other way is write some piece of code which parse the Server Application log and report when an event related to failure occur. Or write a powershell script and schedule it as per your ...


Please follow steps given below to ensure SharePoint Administration Services is available: Click on Start->Run->Services.msc. Search for "SharePoint 2010 Administration" service and make sure Status is Started. If it is not enabled, start the service and re-execute the command.


Your CentralAdmin might be in a different timezone than your servers. Why is central admin time different from server time?


Try to run this to check if the schedule is right: Get-SPTimerJob -WebApplication "http://yourWebAppUrl" | select Name, DisplayName,Schedule | where-object{$_.Name -eq "TimeJobName"} | ft -autosize Myabe someone fired it manually? or maybe is it fired programmatically?


Refer my blogpost on this. I have provided sample code.

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