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The best way I can think of is creating a custom user-control and place it in the masterpage, and have a generic list to store all the input. The user-control should upon saving store the current page URL and the content of the textbox/textarea in the list. And of course when a page is loaded the user-control should look in the list for entries made by the ...


To get the content of a textarea, you need to use text(), not val(): $("#newWordDesc").text() Not sure if it helps, but I have a working example of textarea with tags on this page, feel free to look at the source code:


You can easily use jQuery to push the value of your variable into the field. Say your field had a title of "MyTextField", you'd do something like $("textarea[title='MyTextField']").append(myVar); if you wanted to append the text, or $("textarea[title='MyTextField']").html(myVar); if you wanted to replace whatever was in the field with the value of your ...


The function is defined in /_layouts/1033/form.js and its signature looks like : function RTE_ConvertTextAreaToRichEdit( strBaseElementID, fRestrictedMode, fAllowHyperlink, strDirection, strWebLocale, fSimpleTextOnly, fEditable, fUseDynamicHeightSizing, ...

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