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The default settings for navigation using metadata tags is to create a "friendly url" that one will be directed to when you click on the tag from the navigation bar. But because the page is not created yet, the site will show the "page does not exist" template. To display pages that are associated to the term is something I am trying to figure out too, ...


When you enable Managed navigation for a site , the navigation node title is stored as a local custom property named _Sys_Nav_Title . So if you want to get this data from JSOM you could use below code: spTerm.get_localCustomProperties()["_Sys_Nav_Title"];


I just found out how to get these Settings: there are two properties in the NavigationTerm ExcludeFromGlobalNavigation Msdn Link (Global) ExcludeFromCurrentNavigation Msdn Link (current) here I have a shortened my timerJob where i create a custom sitemap.xml based on the SPFileLevel and the ExcludeFromGlobalNavigation property for example purposes: ...

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