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Tags are associated with in built Keywords termset. You can create predefined tags but it won't be in hierarchical order.You can open managed metadata service , go to System-->Keywords. Add your pre defined terms. Also to restrict the user from adding new tags you can select Keywords termset and in General tab in right side set Submission Policy to Closed.


Terms are the basic unit or smallest item in Managed Metadata or Taxonomy. TermSet is just a collection of Terms.Like say if you want to create a taxonomy for countries and their cities. Country will become the TermSet (eg:England) and cities will be Terms inside respective termsets ie London will be term inside England. Tags are special terms , they are ...


The big difference between Keywords and Terms are that Terms are controlled by you (normally) and Keywords are controlled by the users. Sometimes Keywords are referred to as Folksonomy whereas Terms are referred to as Taxonomy. To use Terms to tag a document, create a custom Site Column and map that to a TermSet (which is a collection/hierarchy of Terms), ...

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