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You'll have to use an account which has the rights to access those terms. I would go for RunWithElevatedPrivileges - however, you'll first need to make sure no "remnants" from the current account are avaiable before accessing the ServiceApplication (TaxonomySession). So I'd use: var site = ....; var navTerm = TaxonomyNavigationContext.Current....


Take note that if you only use the html5 localStorage API, this cache is built for every individual user separately. Ideally you build a webservice that does the caching for all users together and from within your page, you pull the information from this webservice. Then you can copy the retrieved data into localStorage.


Edit the page layout that page is using with SharePoint Designer and remove the Taxonomy field.


I finally managed to do this with the following procedure : Step 1 Set up the Data Connection: Data -> Data Connections -> Add -> Receive Data -> SOAP Web Service -> http://sitename/_vti_bin/userprofileservice.asmx -> GetUserProfileByName Check Automatically Retrieve Data When the Form is Opened Step 2 Create a Hidden Field Set ...

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