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I think web.Update(); is not needed. But probably not related to your problem. Here's how I've already done it. Note I update field properties only after adding it to the site columns collection (web.Fields.Add called before field.Update()): if (!web.AvailableFields.ContainsField(fieldInternalName)) { field = ...


The magic words are TaxonomyField.GetWssIdsOfTerm. This question is a dupicate of http://stackoverflow.com/questions/5258722/how-does-one-get-all-child-terms-of-a-sharepoint-term-in-c.


I've had good success with this tutorial So if the guid for Sales and Marketing is c8a43f13-5ea1-45f2-b46d-3a1986a1cbd7 this would get all things tagged with a child of that. owstaxIdItemType:"GPP|#c8a43f13-5ea1-45f2-b46d-3a1986a1cbd7" But that wouldn't include anything that is actually tagged Sales and Marketing. If you want to have that included you ...


AFAIK there is no way to assign a user as TermStore Administrator using CSOM. But one thing you could do is to create a new user (similar to service account) and make that user TermStore Administrator. Run the code to create term group under the context of that user. using (ClientContext clientContext = new ...


The problem was the taxonomy hidden list in the site. It was not up to date since I deleted a the field in the sitecolumns. Stefan Bauer pointed to his blogpost where the solution is first: Update your sharepoint and second: try TaxonomySession.SyncHiddenList(SPSite). Blogpost: http://www.n8d.at/blog/sharepoint-2010/anatomy-of-managed-metadata-fields/

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