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You should be able to get save the comments field into a variable like this (screen shot from a task process WF though)


I finally found the answer at least for me this works. I had to right-click the Task in my workflow and go to Properties. Scroll down to SendDefaultTaskNotification -- which is set to NO by default-- and change to Yes.


Considering that you are using a SharePoint group and presuming that the Assign a task step is not running inside an App Step, then make sure that everyone can view the membership of the group. Go to the group settings page and the select Everyone option under the "Who can view the membership of the group?" question. The reasoning behind this is that the ...


There are two types of task actions in SharePoint Designer: 'Assign a task' and 'Start a task process'. The former is only meant to assign a task to a single person. The latter is meant to assign a task to multiple people and therefore has the ability to expand SharePoint groups. In your case you want to "Start a task process" and then assign it to a ...

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