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Looks like You create only two tasks: one for Approvers and the second for Reviewers. Every task finished when one of persons complete it. If You want to get several reviews, You should create several tasks: for each reviewer individually.


Yes, but the other Answer is just part of the Answer All this applies to Language Localized values as well % Complete is set to 0 when you set the Status to Not Started % Complete is set to 100 when you set the Status to Completed % Complete is set to 50 when you set the Status to any other value This is rather annoying behaviour when you add an extra ...


Yes the % Complete and Task Status columns in a Tasks list are related. If you set the % Complete column from 0 to 50%, the Task Status will change from Not Started to In Progress. If you then set it to 100% the status will change to Completed. This works the other way as well. If you set the Task Status from Not Started to Complete, the % Complete column ...

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