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Do a Search for ContentType Task assignee:currentuser that´s what that webpart does mainly. However, you won´t get tasks assigned to a group, the user belongs to. For doing this you at least have to change this to a SiteDataquery, querying for assignee:currentuser or user is member of (using the membership-element of CAML)


If you have a SharePoint task list where the task is assigned to a SharePoint group, you may notice that the My Task list does not show tasks even if you are a member of the group of which the task is assigned. Fortunately, there is a simple fix. It does require SharePoint Designer though. Open SharePoint Designer and then open the My Tasks view of the ...


As per my knowledge out of the box doesn't not has this ability. You need to programmatically query this. Since its 2013 I believe you can do this using JSLinks. Inside this you should have the validation like Assigned To for current item (that is being rendered) is current user. And if it is a group, you can use JavaScript Object Model to check if current ...


I don't think it is that straight forward. First Export List using Central Admin Backup Restore option (List.cmp) Change extension from cmp to cab Extract files to a folder Open file SystemData.XML and change version to Change Build to the Build Version of your server. You can use PowerShell to find it out Now re pack the folder into .cab ...

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