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I didn't understood your question fully, but check out this article as this has one option to update a calculated column automatically. http://www.moustafarefaat.com/MoustafaPWS/Default.aspx?pg=a7c6f024-82ee-46e6-aa8d-fc80383ec723&detail=19ba94b9-d1a4-42a8-8ae8-46ab17c93f14 You may need to modify this as per your requirement. Also, can you put some ...


In order to save someone else's time, this is a bug and has already been reported.


How about a very simple secondary workflow on the task list itself that fires when a new task is created? This workflow would only be responsible with sending the email (and would have access to the item id since it is associated with the task list itself). You could even just use Designer to create this secondary workflow since it is very simple in terms of ...

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