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If you have integrated Project Web App, then you can directly open the task list. Another option is to Export the task list to an Excel file. And then import the excel file into MPP. http://www.tacticalprojectmanagement.com/import-excel-into-microsoft-project/


you can use nintex workflow which is suggested by most of the developers in sharepoint which is used to have business related process being automated. In your case you can frame a alert with email on specific duration so that you can get all assigned people can get a mail regarding the task they are assigned to.


Workflow is not the ideal technical solution for this requirement. If possible use a timer job that runs every day and process based on a configuration list. I will provide step on how to implement this via a workflow, but it will be tricky to implement You can create a custom list with following fields User - Person field Order - Number field Now you ...


Send the reminder email programmatically. Check this article: http://www.codeproject.com/Articles/32753/Send-scheduled-Reminder-Alerts-by-email-in-SharePo

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