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The issue was that my email address was somehow not unique enough in SharePoint even though it should only point to one person (me). I changed my user approverstring concatenation to split users up with "Login names, semi-colon delimited" and changed the approval to "Start with [approverstring] as String"


To enable groups for people picker in task list: Go to "List Settings" find "Assigned To" column and change property "Allow selection of:" to "People and Groups" To add groups to alerts: In UI you can add only AD groups and users, so if you want to make a group alert - add all users to AD group and set alert for it. Or you will need to create an SPAlert ...


This may not be the most optimal of efficient solution, but it's a workaround that could work. If you are just looking to change the images, then what you could do is create a column in your list that includes the paths to the 5 different image URLs. Display the path on the .aspx page, but make it hidden. In your workflow, you could start it on the task ...


This is specific to Issues Lists and Tasks Lists. There is a setting the List Settings -> Advanced Settings that lists if you would like to email the assigned user upon creating the item. Picture is from 2007, but the same setting is across all versions. To answer your question, if you have a list that doesn't derive from the parent Tasks/Issues list, ...

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