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Deleted AD users are not removed from site collections. They will be cleaned out of the user profile service and have My sites cleaned up, but they remain in the site collections. This is by design to preserve contextual information like created by fields. There are tools available to help clean up the user information list and permissions like ...


What version of SharePoint are you referring to? I assume in your "Public" site publishing feature turned on? Have you checked whether you have similar permission on both libraries. Do you get any error message when you try to "open with Explorer" - if so can you include a screenshot here? Thanks!


You can use 3-rd party solution Sharepoint Exchange Calendar from VirtoSoftware that allows you to display and edit calendars from MS Exchange and has 2 way synchronization - http://www.virtosoftware.com/products/collaboration/virto-calendar-for-microsoft-sharepoint-microsoft-exchange

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