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Yes, you can over-ride SharePoint's column widths for any list. Unfortunately, you can't change this within "List Settings". There are basically 2 options: SharePoint Designer jQuery (my preference) jQuery method: Edit your view aspx by adding a Content Editor Web Part Insert something like the following jQuery into the CEWP and save your changes ...


Yes, you can create custom views through browser with out using SharePoint Designer. Please follow below steps. Select any Survey list-->Survey Settings http://********/InvIncidentReporting/_layouts/survedit.aspx?List=%7BBF870743%2D9654%2D4E19%2DB4B1%2D35527D4BE942%7D Edit URL with viewtype in place of Survedit ...


You can do some branding changes by creating a custom survey list definition. This blog post describes how you can create the list definition and how you can modify NewForm and EditForm: Hide save and close buton in survey The modification here is to remove the save and close button, but you can add your own branding instead. The DispForm.aspx can be ...


Hi if you use SharePoint 2013 workflows, I would suggest: To schedule site level SharePoint workflow using SharePoint Workflow Scheduler Then get all questions using Get items by query custom workflow action from Workflow Actions Pack Then iterate through them using loop and delete them one by one. SharePoint Workflow Scheduler and Workflow Actions Pack ...


In fact, if you create a field and set Hidden property to True <Field Type="DateTime" DisplayName="End Date" Hidden="true" /> then the field will not be displayed in a question form.


You could also filter fields by SPField.CanBeDeleted property in order to get the list of questions from a Survey List How to get the list of questions from a Survey List via REST API /_api/Web/Lists/getByTitle('Survey')/fields?$filter=(CanBeDeleted eq true)


I found out a method. This might not be the optimised one. We can use Odata filter to get only the questions of a survey. _api/Web/Lists(guid'cecxc8b4-bbvc-472c-ae3f-d648bd0bb025')/Fields?$filter=(Hidden eq false) and (ReadOnlyField eq false) and (FromBaseType eq false)

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