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Please follow steps given below to ensure SharePoint Administration Services is available: Click on Start->Run->Services.msc. Search for "SharePoint 2010 Administration" service and make sure Status is Started. If it is not enabled, start the service and re-execute the command.


Yes, Your understanding is correct. When you run the migrateuser command if new login does not exist in AD then this command will throw the errors. It will copy the permission from old ID to new ID.


The migrateuse STSADM operation actually associates the existing permissions of DomainA\xyz(Old user) with DomainB\xyz(New user). In this process it first removes all the existing permissions of DomainB\xyz (New user), if any. Here is a very good detailed explanation of how actually migrateuser operation is executed behind the scenes.


You can use the pwoershell to get the alerts for a site collection. First you make sure powershell is properly configured. Now run the below script and you will get it. Add-PSSnapin microsoft.sharepoint.powershell $site = Get-SPSite "http://dlvrn2010.com/sites/spalerts/ $alertResultsCollection = @() foreach ($web in $site.AllWebs) { ...

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