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A quick Bing search shows a few options. http://sharepoint-live-authentication.shetabtech.com/ - Paid option http://openidmembership.codeplex.com/ - free option http://blogs.perficient.com/microsoft/2011/01/updated-adding-an-openid-claims-provider-for-ad-fs-2-0-to-extend-access-to-sharepoint-2010/ - a how-to


Single Sign-On means something else to different people - e.g. one-time authentication and authorization across multiple systems (front or back-end) or simply being able to delegate credentials from the system you are logged-on to other systems while accessing a services or data. In SharePoint 2010 for Authentication you could either configure Kerberos ...


SharePoint does not perform authentication. What you are trying to do is not possible. The page you reference is for configuring SharePoint web applications. Microsoft's single sign-on approach is based on ADFS2.0. I recommend you deploy ADFS and configure SharePoint and your other application to both delegate authentication to it.


Unfortunately due to the 'home-realm discovery' set of challenges, there's no way Office 365 can know where your users come from in order to be able to transparently redirect them to your ADFS server for their logon token. This is because they cannot guarantee that the intention is to specifically logon with only the organisational account bound to the ...

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