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Is the trusted root the same or different from the original certificate? Export a copy of the certificate including the entire chain but without your private key. From Central Administration Under Security section select "Manage Trust" and click on "New" to create a new trust relationship. In the root certificate section - browse to and select your ...


Managing multiple web application over SSL is not an easy talk for developers. Wildcard SSL - It allows developer to manage and secure unlimited number of sub-domains or apps (if App domain is a sub-domain) with single certificate. The other solution is Multi Domain SSL Multi Domain SSL will allow developer to manage and secure multiple domains/apps over ...


Your IIS SSL configuration is not right, you are mixing client certificates with SSL server certificates. You want to use SSL Server certificates for the site, not client certificates. Disable client certificates, and configure correct SSL certificate in IIS web site bindings. Review the article for details here.


It should work just fine, redirect is just one-timer whenever someone accesses site over HTTP, and it shouldn't even get to SharePoint, but happen in IIS. After redirect to identical address at HTTPS, user will continue browsing on SSL site. You need to ensure that in AAM you have configured internal and external address as HTTPS. Only exception is if ...

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