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Mostly it is related to the Browser you are using, before their was an issue with chrome. Also what is URL for the default zone, are you using Http or Https? May be that's your issue. have a look on these. http://stackoverflow.com/questions/18251128/why-am-i-suddenly-getting-a-blocked-loading-mixed-active-content-issue-in-fire ...


One. The one VIP goes to the two NIC card IP addresses that you set up in NLB as each node. Cluster VIP goes to the FQDN address (http://sharepoint.domain.com) The NLB nodes are those IP Addresses that are members of the cluster - Web Front End 1 - Web Front End 2 Use Multicast. You should be able to use the cluster IP for all FQDNs, just point the DNS ...

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