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You can have a custom activity for this https://executespwf.codeplex.com/ Or http://ilovesharepoint.codeplex.com/releases/view/60840


The extra size was about the log. (generated during the copy precess, also if the recovery model was in simple mode). After the copy, I shrank the contentDB and everything was fine. (the sizes were the same)


The application pool account did not have permission on the SharePoint Config database. Adding the permission for the application pool user solved my problem.


I was in a similar situation, and what I did was to use Nintex Workflow to do an "execute SQL" action to write new form submissions out to a database I use purely for reporting purposes. If you don't have Nintex Workflow, ilovesharepoint has an "Execute SQL" SPD add-in for SP2010. The only issue I found is, because of how workflows work; you cannot easily ...

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