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Check whether any job is using the farm account and trying to connect to the database from SharePoint server. First, try to stop 'SharePoint timer service' for some time and check whether you are still getting the error logs. If it is stopped, there must be some job which is trying to connect to the database. You can get default list of services for ...


This problem might occur because of stopping the SharePoint Timer Service. to start SharePoint Timer Service from start menu > open service.msc. Search for SharePoint Timer Service > Makes sure it has already started. If it stopped, try to restart it. Ref : this article


It is possible but it is not supported( if not meet the requirement). Your topology falls under the stretched farm which has very high requirement. There is a highly consistent intra-farm latency of <1ms (one way), 99.9% of the time over a period of ten minutes. (Intra-farm latency is commonly defined as the latency between the front-end web servers and ...


Try filling the information in Connect to a Data Server dialog instead of Use Custom Connection string as you might face an error while giving the details of the connection string. Let it create the connection string by its own by the parameters you pass in dialog fields. As i can see that all the connection strings are correct but If you still get an error ...

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