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Actual code for this Command is under Microsoft.SharePoint.Powershell.dll and I used "ILSpy" to see the code under these command. which is this. using Microsoft.SharePoint.Administration; using Microsoft.SharePoint.PowerShell.Resources; using System; using System.Management.Automation; namespace Microsoft.SharePoint.PowerShell { [Cmdlet("Move", ...


This turned out to be really simple. There were two FBA users with the same email so I was logged in as the wrong user and had no idea.


Just out of curiosity, is the user added directly to a site instead of a SP Group? Judging by your post I don't think this is the case, but thought I would ask. I would do some testing from the other side. Try getting the group in particular that you are sure he is part of and see if he is listed there. var users = SPGroup.Users; If the user is not ...

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