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try the cross domain library "SP.RequestExecutor.js", and you don't need to use SPServices now, as the REST API is quite good now.


I think you have to modify two parameters : parentColumn: "Type de la demande", //Printed Name childColumn: "Sous-type de la demande", //Printed Name TO parentColumn: "Cat├ęgorie", //Printed Name childColumn: "Choix", //Printed Name The problem comes from these parameters because you have to write exactly what is written on the form. In your ...


You can simply use the infopath way to custom a list form : And here is a tutorial that explains how to do what you want :


Below code will help you to get month. var d = new Date(); var n = d.getMonth(); You can assign the value to var d from the HTML date control's output (like var d = inputdateObject.value) Please note that month number starts from 0 like 0=January, 1=February etc. Than after you can replace the month as per the number in your output.


$().SPServices.SPUpdateMultipleListItems({ listName: "Library", CAMLQuery: "<Query><Where><IsNotNull><FieldRef Name='Manager' /></IsNotNull></Where></Query>", batchCmd: "Update", valuepairs: [["Manager", "Yes"]] }); This answer ))


You can use this to break out the string explicitly: var emails = $(this).attr("ows_UsersList").split(";#").filter(function(e){ return !parseInt(e)}) var emailsjoined = emails.join(";"); emailsjoined is the semicolon delimited string of email addresses.

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