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You can use this to break out the string explicitly: var emails = $(this).attr("ows_UsersList").split(";#").filter(function(e){ return !parseInt(e)}) var emailsjoined = emails.join(";"); emailsjoined is the semicolon delimited string of email addresses.


I think you have to modify two parameters : parentColumn: "Type de la demande", //Printed Name childColumn: "Sous-type de la demande", //Printed Name TO parentColumn: "Cat├ęgorie", //Printed Name childColumn: "Choix", //Printed Name The problem comes from these parameters because you have to write exactly what is written on the form. In your ...


This was a typo on my part. I was not putting the ContentType field into the pairs array as an array itself. The right way: pairs.push(['ContentType', this.get('contentTypeIdName')]); The wrong way (and how I was doing it): pairs.push('ContentType', this.get('contentTypeIdName'));


There have to be commas between the value pairs: [ ["EmployeeNumber", $("#tbEmployeeID").val()], ["EmployeeName", $("#tbEmployeeName").val()], ["EmployeeEmail",$("#tbEmployeeEmail").val()] ]

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