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You can use SPQueryThrottlingOption API for achieving the thing that you needed. If number of items in list > its threshold limit, then even fetching some items like 10 or 100 from list will not give you result. Because it first sort all of items present in list then will return top 10 or 100 items. To overcome this part, you can either increase throttling ...


My experience has found that doing calendar queries with recurrence expansion for a year are not dependable as SharePoint might throttle the results. I do not have specifics on why this happens. I found the most dependable results by doing 1 month queries. So if you need to do 1 year - break it down into 12 months and for 2 years - 24 months. See my ...


I wrote <Value Type=\"DateTime\" IncludeTimeValue=\"True\">Today</Value> instead of <Value Type=\"DateTime\" IncludeTimeValue=\"True\"><Today /></Value>


Unfortunately, the caml date stuff pretty much sucks in SharePoint. It won't compare based on time and I think the daterangesoverlap only works for recurring events. Are the events you expect NOT to be shown recurring or single instance events?

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