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You are getting the field, not it's value. To get the value use this: item["Title"]


As Robert pointed out using Linq directly on SharePoint lists is not a very good choice regarding performance. The reason is that Linq uses the GetEnumerator method of the IEnumerable interface to execute the Linq query. And every time GetEnumerator is used all SPListItems are retrieved from the database. For 100 list items this means 100 roundtrips to the ...


You can use _currentContext.Response.Redirect as below: public class TestEventHandler : SPItemEventReceiver { private readonly HttpContext _currentContext; public TestEventHandler() { _currentContext = HttpContext.Current; } // Methods public override void ItemAdding(SPItemEventProperties properties) { var url = new ...


We are in a similar situation. We recognized that in some case our permissions are unqiue but allways the same :) (unique permissions in some flow was always setting the same 2 AD groups). This is helpful as we can move these items down into a folder that has the unique permissions without having to assign it to each item individually, reducing the amount ...

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