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I don't think there is something OOB for multiple columns. I would suggest to use JavaScript and override PreSaveAction to prevent the save if the combination exists. Something like that : function PreSaveAction(){ //get field 1 value //get field 2 value //perform a query to check if there are items that matches criteria if(noresults) { ...


If both lists are same, you can use SharePoint designer workflow to copy list item from one list to other. Below link may help you to get started:


Tarun- Your console application and your browser are two different process. When your console application is successful in adding list item, you need to manually refresh the browser to see the latest changes. What is your business case, what are you trying to achieve?


You have to use list.Update method to update the changes done to the list. It is same as refreshing. Please read this article Link If you want this to be done in periodically. Add the timer and call this method between specific intervals.


Once you intance the item, loop within attachments collection. Sample code: SPAttachmentCollection attachments = listItem.Attachments; foreach (string attachment in attachments) { string t = SPUrlUtility.CombineUrl(listItem.Attachments.UrlPrefix, attachment ); } Source: SurPoint

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