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Anyways here's a snippet to get a choice's value list into a list public List<string> GetInvoiceTypes(SPWeb web) { List<string> invoiceTypes = new List<string>(); SPFieldChoice invoiceTypeField = web.Fields.GetField(CustomSiteColumns.FIELD_FACTURA_TIPO) as SPFieldChoice; StringCollection choices ...


You can try following : $siteColl = Get-SPSite -Identity "http://engchesqltemp/" $rootWeb = $siteColl.RootWeb #Assign fieldXMLString variable with field XML for site column $fieldXMLString = '<Field Type="Text" Name="LocalServiceReview" Description="Indicate date of last and next meeting and names of current members." DisplayName="Local Service Review ...


Please update the field after setting the group value $web.fields.add($myColumn, "Text", $false) $field = $web.fields.getfield($argFieldName) $field.Group = "test" $field.Update() $fieldLink = new-object Microsoft.SharePoint.SPFieldLink($field) $argCType.fieldlinks.add($fieldLink)

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