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In SharePoint 2013, client-side rendering (CSR) provides a way to control the output/design of your fields and set of controls by leveraging HTML and JavaScript technologies for example how should the fields render in list views (edit, new or quick edit), search, list forms etc. Now, every field definition comes with JSLink property that can be overridden, ...


As forms are part of lists, PushChangesToList property should be set to true. Can you please try implementing the below line of code and let me know the result SPList list = web.lists["caseslist"]; SPField field = list.Fields.GetField("casenumbers"); field.PushChangesToLists = true; field.ReadOnlyField = true; field.ShowInDisplayForm = true; ...


The simplest way to make any field read only would be to use SPutility Jquery You can use it like below: SPUtility.GetSPField('Column Name').MakeReadOnly(); For the comment made by David on Dmitry Kozlov answer, to make People picker readonly, you can use the below JQuery code: $(".sp-peoplepicker-delImage").css({ 'display' : 'none'}); ...


First find your way to Navigation Settings – start with Site settings > Look and feel > Navigation > Global Navigation setting. Use Radio button to enable the site to use its own Top Link bar and not inherit it from parent site. Then tick the check box for SharePoint Server 2010 to automatically display the new pages in the site

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