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You cannot use the following characters in file/folder name: Tilde (~), Number sign (#), Percent (%), Ampersand (&), Asterisk (*), Braces ({ }), Backslash (\), Colon (:), Angle brackets (< >), Question mark (?), Slash (/), Plus sign (+), Pipe (|), Quotation mark ("). You cannot use the period character consecutively in the middle of a file/folder ...


You need to surround the data with a CDATA tag: <Value Type="Text"><![CDATA["ⵜⴰⵎⴰⵡⴰⵙⵜ"]]></Value>


~, #, %, & , *, {, }, \, :, <, >, ?, /, |, “ above special character is not allowed for files/folder.. you need to replace these characters for create folder or files..


I fixed it after wasting frustrating hours on this ! Its quite easy but doesnt make sense. Just add the HTML 4.1 (not HTML 5 - it wont work) char encode tag to the additional pagehaed placeholder, and it works like a charm. Make sure that you've tried the other solutions, may it's the result of a combination. Fact is, that it is already included in the ...


check the below answers. will give you the idea how to achieve the target: Change name in ItemAdding event receiver or create a new Item also if you want to use WebDAV: http://simplyaprogrammer.com/2008/05/importing-files-into-sharepoint.html

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