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I just appending Ali answer that it will be better to create Assembly information Assembly="[Assembly Name]" during run time with hard coding the value. Otherwise sometimes, it throws error. You can find the solution over http://asharepointsolutions.blogspot.in/2014/09/how-to-deploy-wsp-to-single-web.html Hope it will clear out more to you.


I love the CKSdev tool add-in for Visual Studio 2012 (and 2010/2013). It adds packaging to wsp (and quick deployments directly to the server) directly from VS and many other fantastic utilities.


What our team did was create a package for the Engineers with the .wsp file in it, and used powershell to deploy them to the farm. This has been the best way to do it for us. Just copy the wsp file into a folder for them and deploy it from there using the script below. PowerShell Script: Add-SPSolution –LiteralPath "C:\Desktop\file\mywspsolution.wsp" ...

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