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I think This is especially the case if you have just done a retract/uninstall and you try to add straight away. If you try again in a few seconds it will work. Basically this is because when you delete a wsp from solution management and then immediately run this stsadm command, there will still be clean up operations going on in the background. So just leave ...


You cant activate this solution without starting the User Code Services.Sow hen you download the solution from the MSFT site, You will get CRM2015-SharePointList2013-ENU-amd64.exe file, once you extracted it you will get 3 files. AllowHtcExtn.ps1 crmlistcomponent.wsp mscrmsharepointeula Now what should you do inorder to work. Add the wsp into the site ...


Package a WSP Right click your project in the right column. Then click "Publish". A dialog will open, where you will get to choose where to place the resulting .wsp file. After clicking "Publish" your project will be build and then packaged in the selected location. Make sure to have the Solution configuration set to Release when building for production. ...


I had the same issue with other element files deployed in a sandboxed solution that would not be updated even after restarting / redeploying etc. In the end the following was simply required in the element in my Elements.xml file: ReplaceContent="TRUE"

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