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In SharePoint 2007 you should use STSADM as the powershell cmdlets wasn't introduced until 2010. See Addsolution: Stsadm operation and Deploysolution: Stsadm operation


If you are using PowerShell instead of Cmd, then you need to load sharepoint assemblies first. To add a solution to the Farm solution store use the Add-SPSolution cmdlet: Add-SPSolution –LiteralPath "C:DeploymentMySharePointSolutionPackage.wsp" To install a Farm Solution use the Install-SPSolution cmdlet: Install-SPSolution –Identity ...


Fixed the problem changing the template property in the list instance element.xml and in the list element.xml, as shown in the pictures below: The files In the list instance Element.xml I changed the TemplateType from 100 (general list type) to 1000 (a number that doesn't represent any default SharePoint template type). In the list Element.xml I also ...


As you already compare the web.config files and found the gap between them. So now you have couple of options to fix it. copy the web.config from server 1 to server 2. 2nd is edit the web.config on server 2 and add the safecontrol section You also mentioned, it is brand new web application not being used, then i would recommend to delete the existing ...

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