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To add only like feature, It is needed to add two site columns in the list. Site columns are: LikesCount which GUID ID is 6e4d832b-f610-41a8-b3e0-239608efda41 LikedBy which GUID ID is 2cdcd5eb-846d-4f4d-9aaf-73e8e73c7312 Following is the code using(ClientContext clientContext = new ClientContext(targetSite)) { clientContext.Credentials = ...


A Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 farm-level feature called SocialRibbonControl causes the I Like It and Tags & Notes controls to be displayed on the Documents and Items tabs of the ribbon for document libraries and lists, as well as on all browse pages. These controls enable users to tag and rate items and to leave notes on Web pages, including the ...


check your permissions & try to run by system account that will help.


In my case the problem was that account the site was running on did not have enough permission in Active Directory. Solution: run ApplicationPool under my own account.

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