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You don't need to do all that work anymore. In a recent update to the SharePoint Online Management Shell, there is a commandlet to do this for you with much less effort. It is Request-SPOPersonalSite. You can enqueue up to 200 OneDrive for Business sites at a time. $emails = "user1@contoso.com,user2@contoso.com" Request-SPOPersonalSite -UserEmails $emails ...


there could be many problems and it's hard to say what could be the problem in your case. did you get a correlationId on the errorpage? i would suggest to use ulsviewer to view the logs and filter on the correlationId if you did get 1.


Deleting a custom EventRechiver solved this problem.


Actually we solved the problem. The siteCreationOperation has a property named isComplete. Iterate over this and pick up the boolean for further processing :) https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/microsoft.online.sharepoint.tenantadministration.tenant.createsite(v=office.15).aspx #Create the site using the properties $tenant.CreateSite($properties) | ...


You actually don't even need to include contentclass:STS_Site if you're just probing for webs because every site collection includes a rootweb that will have the same URL as the site, pretty much by definition. In fact, if you for some reason don't set that up on the root of a site and call that STS_Site, then you'll potentially be pointing people to places ...


Taken directly from our SharePoint Online search results web part that shows people what sites and webs they have access to: (contentclass:STS_Site OR contentclass:STS_Web) AND NOT WebTemplate:SPSPERS AND NOT WebTemplate:Group AND NOT WebTemplate:App AND NOT WebTemplate:AppCatalog AND NOT WebTemplate:PolicyCtr AND NOT WebTemplate:POINTPUBLISHINGHUB AND NOT ...

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