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In the solution ,solutionname.feature > manifest tab . You can find "Items in the solution" and "Items in the feature". My list definition files in "Items in solution". So I moved these files to "items in the feature". That solved my problem


You have two supported options: Add JavaScript through UserCustomAction, which check if it's the sbnewweb.aspx page and if to sets the radio button and hides the section Add css (through AlternateCssUrl) to the site which hides #ctl00_PlaceHolderMain_idPermSection and have an event receiver to break inheritance (and set AlternateCssUrl) Finally if you ...


Navigate to the page you want to be your home page. In the ribbon, go to the Page tab and click Make Homepage. This will reset the logo image to go to the desired page.


You've found the headache that a lot of administrators deal with when trying to share data between site collections. The short answer is you can not do this out of the box. You are able to do it in sub sites because all the data in theory lives under that one site collection. If you want to pull data from a list on another site collection you will ...

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