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If the site is not available in 1st and 2nd stage recycle bin then that means it is gone completely. Now the only option is to restore it from Backup. If you have backup of your site collection then restore just before you deleted the subsite. If you have content DB backup then restore it and using the Unattached Content Database recovery and export the ...


If it's project oriented documentation you could build an entire subsite with all elements in the site definition. Build one copy of the documents, then duplicate or create this site template for each project request. Otherwise you might want to look into a more programmatic solution where you gather the content variables and create each page.


The List View Web Part can be saved from the parent site as either a file or directly to the Web Part gallery. After that the web part can be added to the sub site. Please follow steps mentioned in below given link. Show listview webpart from parent site on subsite in same site collection

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