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If it's posible. Here are the steps: Create a list in the root site. Create a site column (of type lookup) in the root site referencing the list created in step 1. In the sub site, in a list, create a column using the "Add from existing site columns" And ready. Learn more in this article: Create a SharePoint Lookup Column to Another Site


This is very easy to do. Just select a folder/library and hit the "share" button. Simple. Though, check out Office 365 Groups, as they provide essentially a team site with pre-baked functionality. It may meet your needs better than a customized team site.


If you're a site collection administrator, then Codingo's answer is the most you can see. If you're a farm administrator, then you can use Central Administration to view all sites in the farm.


This link explains two methods (depending on what kind of an Admin you are). View the site hierarchy If you are an administrator, you can view a list of all the Web sites that were created under the top-level site. Browse to the home page for the top-level site. On the Site Actions menu Button image, click Site Settings. NOTE On a site for which ...

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