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The easiest way is to change the Field Namevalue under the Misc heading in the Customization - Page Field section in the snippets gallery. Hit Update and copy the new snippet.


You can create a new site collection. Then grant site owner permission to those users in the root site.


For any site i.e. parent site or a subsite (that is not inheriting permissions from its parent).. Go to Site Actions -> Site Permissions -> In the ribbon find "Manage Access Requests" This is the email address being used to forward the access requests, you can change it to yours. By default, the owner/creator of the site is taken.


Does anyone know how to do this on Sharepoint 2013 ? (Sorry, I don't have enough points to post this as a comment)


Export and import the easy way to move the subsite around. But i always followed the below script which is equal to export/import but also add one more step create the subsite on destination with same template as used on source. You need to change the parameters and save the file as .PS1 and run it. ...


Export sub-site from old site collection using this command: export-spweb "http://host/sites/OldsiteCollection/xyz" -path "D:\Temp\migration\backupfile.cmp" -IncludeUserSecurity Import subsite to my new site collection using this command: Import-SPWeb "http://host/sites/NewsiteCollection/xyz" -path "D:\Temp\migration\backupfile.cmp" –UpdateVersions ...

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