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If it is team site (= not publishing site) you can go to Site Settings, and Save site as template and select to save all data on the site. Then you can create new sites based on that site that contains most of the customizations, but not permissions.


If it's project oriented documentation you could build an entire subsite with all elements in the site definition. Build one copy of the documents, then duplicate or create this site template for each project request. Otherwise you might want to look into a more programmatic solution where you gather the content variables and create each page.


Generally most of the folks deactivate and delete the Site Template though SP OOB from the Solution Gallery. Some time you cannot do that ( don't know for the reasons:-). You can remove the same by using Power shell. Below are the commands which are used to Deactivate and Remove the solution from the Gallery Deactivate the Solution: ...


Add the following CSS code in the page: <style type="text/css"> body #pageStatusBar{height:0px; font-size:0px; padding:0px; border-style:none;} < /style>


make sure you specify the site templates: Site Settings:PAGE LAYOUT AND SITE TEMPLATE

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