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Edit the column Tick the "Enable relationships for this column" tick box (DO NOT tick the "Enforce relationship behavior" checkbox at this stage Click OK Edit the column Tick the "Enforce relationship behavior", and choose the appropriate method (ie "Restrict delete" or "cascade delete") click OK


It is little strange that you are not getting the saveastemplate link because their is no publishing feature in SPF version. You can try directly to go the saveastemplate page as Vince2322589 mentioned in his reply. For Export & Import. You have to Run Export first using Export-SPWeb you have to run the import using Import-SPWeb while you ...


If Publishing Feature was activated at any point and then deactivated it creates the "Site Pages" Library. You could try to append savetmpl.aspx to the URL. (i.e. http:// Your_Site_Web /_layouts/15/savetmpl.aspx) You should be able to copy the site using the "Content and Structure" found under the "Site Settings" If this does not help you could always ...


The Publishing feature does not support the Save Site as Template option. It is necessary to create site definition templates for site collections on which Publishing feature is to be activated. SharePoint Publishing feature does not support "Save Site as Template" option So, In other words their are tons of issue even if you create a site template from ...

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