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This sounds like you could use the Publishing Infrastructure. With this you build page templates. Normal editors can only use existing template pages.


Ideally you can do it via PowerShell: $web = Get-SPWeb "[target site Url]" $web.MasterUrl = "/_catalogs/masterpage/Custom/mycustom.master" $web.Update()


Custom Site Templates do not appear in Central Administration. Instead, you click on the Custom tab and create your Site Collection. From there, it will prompt for the template you want to use after the Site Collection has been created.


Site Template contains the whole Site and the list (also Content Types) if you have a List Template this only contains the List. If the List Template would contain also the Content Types from the Site it was created from there could be possible issues when trying to create a new list from this template in another Site. To prevent this issue, you get a ...

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