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I think that may happen if the template was created from another language than the one you use to create the new list (I mean the UI language of the site). You should first populate the fields titles at the content type level for every language set on your site (do this by switching the UI language and then edit the field title as usual). Then ...


If it's posible. Here are the steps: Create a list in the root site. Create a site column (of type lookup) in the root site referencing the list created in step 1. In the sub site, in a list, create a column using the "Add from existing site columns" And ready. Learn more in this article: Create a SharePoint Lookup Column to Another Site


Yes you can order the artifacts in a feature. Select the artifacts that are in the feature one at a time and click the < button remove the artifacts. Then add them to the feature by selecting them one at a time and clicking the > button to add them in the order you want. You can also double click them to add or remove them instead of selecting one ...

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