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One feature containing all these three types i.e. columns, content type and list instance; should be enough.


The method SPFieldCollection.Add (String, SPFieldType, Boolean, Boolean, StringCollection) has only five arguments. Whereas, in your code you are passing 6 parameters. Try changing the code to this: $newSiteColumn = $web.Fields.Add($name,[Microsoft.SharePoint.SPFieldType]::Choice, $false,$false, $stringColl) Source: ...


John, if you are creating the site columns from the visual studio use the DisplayName property of the field for your case <Field ID="{2690E8BF-0801-408A-8445-93D816DF5D29}" Name="LastName" DisplayName="Last Name" Type="Text" Required="FALSE" Group="Custom Site Columns"> </Field> <Field ...

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