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Add a pop-up tag to SharePoint master page. Manage the display of the pop-up and page using CSS. Based on whether user accepts or rejects the disclaimer, define script functions. On acceptance, set some value in User Profile properties to validate his/her choice for the next time the user logs in. For some pointers on doing the same, you may have a look at ...


You aren't doing anything wrong, that is how it works in 2010. Site Pages is the document library holding the home page, it isn't a managed path. After creation, navigate to the default.aspx page and then in the Page ribbon tab, there is a button called Make Homepage. Click it, and default.aspx will be the new home page, like how it was in newly ...


after 5 day hard work ,now I found solution! On sharpoint designer ,on master pages right click on every master page files(oslo.master - seattel.master and htmls) and click on "reset to site definition".


Most credential prompts occurred for me while using Kerberos. If you are using Kerberos make sure your SPNs are configured correctly, making sure you have the following SPNs registered by the app pool account, making sure there are no duplicates. Use this guide setspn -S HTTP/webapp.domain.com domain\appPoolAcct setspn -S HTTP/webapp domain\appPoolAcct


follow and ensure the below steps: make sure your account is not locked. have proper Alternate access mappings established with correct host name in a defined zone. make sure DNS record is available for the hostname. for trouble shooting purposes, you may try with a host file entry and see if it works. if it is an extranet or internet site, make sure DNS ...


You need in Central Administration in Manage Web Application for each web-application give for account in User Policy full access.


Publishing Portal maps to "BLANKINTERNETCONTAINER#0" and not "BLANKINTERNET#0", which is specific to subsites. You can verify this or any other site template from the site creation page by using your browser's dev tools and looking at the select option that represents the site you're trying to create:

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