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First, you can change the O365 landing page, but you can't specify a URL for the new landing page, it's a dropdown menu. See https://blogs.office.com/2014/09/18/new-office-365-home-page-fast-access-services/ for details. Second, this setting is a per-user one. An admin cannot change this setting for all or specific users at this time. As it's said in ...


Changing tenant URL for SharePoint Online is not possible (not right now at least). Only way to change change the URL of the private site collection (as in your case), is to cancel the old current Office 365 subscription and start with a new one. You'd have to look into ways to migrate content from domainA to domainB perhaps using some 3rd party migratio ...


$webapp = get-spwebapplication "https://my.comp.com" $allsites = $webapp.Sites $ht = @{} foreach($msite in $allsites) { $ht.add($msite.Rootweb.Title, $msite.Allwebs.Count) } $ht.GetEnumerator() | Sort-Object -Property Name


I had the same problem and resolved it as follows: Run PowerShell with SharePoint modules Execute following command: Set-SPSite <URL> -owneralias "i:0#.w|< domain\user >" It looks like this is a bug which occures when the user profile import was not run correctly, the last thing I don't know yet, but it's my best guess

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