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The template file from the article that you mentioned in the question contains some typos and hard-coded parameters like title and list url. Instead I would recommend you to utilize the template provided below. Regarding template file, in fact, there are several ways how to apply custom template to List View, and not necessary only via JSLink property. ...


You have to make some correction in your javascript mentioned in first editor. As it work fine in my case. Copy JavaScript in notepad and make below changes Replace double quotes “ and ” with normal quotes ". Replace single quotes ’ with normal single quote '. Check your list url properly ’/Lists/Announcements / DispForm.aspx?ID = ’ + _announcementID + ’. ...


If i remember exactly this year in the SharePoint conference i appears in this exam, I believe around 50 question and 3 /4 case studies. I dont know if they change it or not. It is Microsoft property so they can change it any time.


If you a wsp like you mentioned webpart.wsp, then you can deploy it on your production server using SharePoint Management shell. Use powershell if just have to upgrade the solution Update-SPSolution –Identity "<wsp package name>" -LiteralPath "<physical path of the wsp package>" –GacDeployment e.g.: Update-SPSolution –Identity "test.wsp" ...


Date formats are derived based on the regional settings. If you want date to be like Thursday, June 21, 2013 then change the regional settings to English(United States) You can make this change through site settings page.


you need to show us the proper error your getting? goto sharepoint log files and reproduce the error, coppy the correlation id that it generates and open the most uptodate log file (sort by date) once open search by the copied id and it will show you the error. Post here the error by updating your question. the error can occure from a few areas that it ...


I don't have enough rep to comment. This is just not possible. A content database cannot be mounted twice in a SharePoint farm. But, there is one solution: Create a SQL backup, restore it as a different database, and mount that database. Thus, create a clone of the content database and mount the clone.

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