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Short answer. No. Create a Search centre and configure your refiners there. The OOTB ossearch.aspx page is not editable.


Your user control needs to target a delegate control placed in the page body not AdditionalPageHead. AdditionalPageHead targets the html head element and is used for adding additional things to the head, like css and javascript files. A delegate control in the body is the appropriate place for an asp:button to live. So within the masterpage, you would ...


To hide it using CSS: //Promoted Action button, List View Quick Control Button, ECB/Callout a[id$="site_share_button"], button.js-listview-qcbShareButton, a.ms-calloutLink[title="Share"] { display: none !important; }


This built-in account does not need a password and will be the default identity that is used when anonymous authentication is enabled. If you look in the applicationHost.config file you will see the following definition: <anonymousAuthentication enabled="true" userName="IUSR" defaultLogonDomain="" /> This tells IIS to use the new ...


My question is, will it affect on site A on which we have activated the old feature? The answer is no. Let's say you developed a custom feature F1 which has version 1.0. This is deployed on the farm to all web applications, and activated in site collections where needed. Site collections will have a feature reference that F1 v1.0 is activated in that ...


You cannot use the following characters in file/folder name: Tilde (~), Number sign (#), Percent (%), Ampersand (&), Asterisk (*), Braces ({ }), Backslash (), Colon (:), Angle brackets (< >), Question mark (?), Slash (/), Plus sign (+), Pipe (|), Quotation mark ("). You cannot use the period character consecutively in the middle of a file/folder ...


~, #, %, & , *, {, }, \, :, <, >, ?, /, |, “ above special character is not allowed for files/folder.. you need to replace these characters for create folder or files..

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