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JSOM code runs under the permissions of the current user. So, its access level is similar to the access level of the current user. You can't elevate permissions here since it would be a huge security issue. As for CSOM code (C#), you can impersonate credentials by using context.Credentials or by creating an app which uses app only permissions. App only ...


The SharePoint way is to create a dropoff List and use a Workflow with elevated permissions to transfer the data to the main list. For Documents Microsoft has even built the whole Content Organizer for you https://samlman.wordpress.com/2015/02/28/sharepoint-2010-content-organizer-part-1-a-cool-new-feature-for-managing-your-content/


I would suggest to use a simple IDE to develop your code. This IDE will help you by finding simple errors. A free example for a IDE is Visual Studio Code but there are loads of IDE's for you to choose. Here's the output if I paste your code: After knowing the simple errors fixing is not the problem - at least the ones caused by bad syntax.


I think these multiple columns only occure, when you rename your workflow during versions. The only downside that comes to my mind is that you will loose your running workflows in that versions (if you have any).


Look at the Web Application Service Application Connections. The sites under that web app will use the Search Service App that is selected in the Service Application Connections.


If it's posible. Here are the steps: Create a list in the root site. Create a site column (of type lookup) in the root site referencing the list created in step 1. In the sub site, in a list, create a column using the "Add from existing site columns" And ready. Learn more in this article: Create a SharePoint Lookup Column to Another Site


Great question. There's no good answer. SSRS (reporting services) is the old man in BI. It produces "traditional" reports, it works with virtually any type of data source, there's lots of documentation, it has robust capabilities in the areas of caching, etc. However, it hasn't been updated in quite a few years, and it doesn't seem like any significant ...

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