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Depending on the scanner it may be able to send scans as emails either directly or through an app. If that's the case then you can email enable the document library and then configure the scanner to send to the email address of the document library.


I can't really provide a sensible answer to why this is happening (I can confirm I'm experiencing the same weird behavior. I'm sure this is related to the fact that they cut out the designer part without properly thinking about the consequences this would have had). What I can offer is a dirty workaround that proved to be almost always working in my case. ...


In short you could declare them as varchar as you asked. However, BCS will create your mapped fields (for your external list through the External Content Type) based on the column types (e.g. if your database column for "Name" is varchar(50) then your ECT field "Name" will be a single line of text). Also, you won't get any built-in validation support if you ...

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