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SPD does not offer a concat function. You can use SharePoint workflow variables and the String Builder dialog box in SharePoint Designer 2013 to be able to perform string concatenation. This might help or check my steps below. Step One: Create variables and put in a string. Also CurrentItem can be used: Step Two: Run the Workflow. Here my Output: ...


This is how I would do it no code solution: Create a SharePoint Document Library Activate Incoming Email services in that list Create a Form in Microsoft word using quick parts where you can map the columns of the SharePoint Site. Upload that template in SharePoint Library as a default template. Once you have That set up, publish that form to users as a ...


Tick the "Edit item" field in the list view definition and don't use the "link to item with edit menu" or "link to item" for the title field. That way the user cannot click the item title to view the item. They can click the edit icon and the list item will open in Edit mode. No special code, no messing around. It's all in the box. Just tick the option.


In your comments you say you have made an attempt but can't break permissions inheritance in your workflow. The answer to your question is yes, you can break permissions inheritance via the REST API from your SharePoint Designer workflow. You will need to use the "Call HTTP Web Service" activity in your workflow and your URL will look like: ...

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