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**Services:**Perform a single or a few specialized operations.Most often accessed by other programs.Often (but not always) targets part of a larger problem domain. Service Application: Services that are deployed are named service applications. A service application provides a resource that can be shared across sites throughout a farm, and can be accessed by ...


1)Replace the Name of the service with Managed Metadata service $serviceAppProxy = Get-SPServiceApplicationProxy | where { $_.Name -eq “Name of the service” } 2)Get the Proxy group e.g. Default . If you have a different one replace the name proxygroup default with your custom proxy group. In the step 2 Get-SPServiceApplicationProxyGroup gives you the ...


A bit late but still.. Have a look at: https://serviceappstarterkit.codeplex.com/ Pretty straightforward to get the helloworld example working


The User Profile Synchronization Service must be provisioned by the farm account. So if you run your Powershell script using another account (the setup account typically), it will fail. The solution is either: 1) To run your Powershell script using the farm account. Try shift+right click on Powershell shortcut -> "run as another user"; or directly log in ...

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