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You should not iterate through members of the SPGroup objects and SPWeb objects. You should iterate through the web applications, their site collections and the users of each site collections as shown in the code below: var webServices = SPFarm.Local.Services.Where(s => s is SPWebService).Select(s => s as SPWebService); foreach (SPWebService service ...


static void Main(string[] args) { using (SPSite site = new SPSite(ConfigurationManager.AppSettings["server"])) { ServerContext context = ServerContext.GetContext(site); UserProfileManager profileManager = new UserProfileManager(context,true); foreach (UserProfile profile in profileManager) { ...


From SharePoint side Open MIISCLIENT.EXE from C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office Servers\14.0\Synchronization Service\UIShell Look at the latest DS_EXPORT phase and click on "Updates" in Export Statistics, this would open the Object Details window Choose the user for whom the picture was updated and click on Properties You should see a change of type "add" ...


You can not have two SharePoint farm on one server, Main reason is Config DB. One Server can connect to one Configuration Database only. You can Share the SQL Server between multiple farms. Your Best bet is create another VM and configured the 2nd farm.

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