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For SharePoint 2013 and SharePoint Online 2013 wave, web.Properties is not available anymore and web.AllProperties does not have an Update() method. Even more, simply setting properties and updating the web does not work. I've come to this solution: http://www.ideacity.ro/how-to-edit-the-group-quick-launch-in-sharepoint-2013-and-sharepoint-online/


If you change the password the Active Directory then it will not updated in the SharePoint even it gets the new change date from the AD. I can tell you what we adopt after couple of outages. Change the Password in AD. Update the Password in the SharePoint Now test it, if it is populated on all servers.(we perform IIS reset on all server in the Farms. ...


Check if the SSRS report running via stored credentials. If so, it's connecting via the list with that account, not as the user.

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