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Alternatively to PowerShell, SharePoint Timer Service runs under farm account. Check it out and you get farm account


This is probably a long shot but I'll post it anyway. I had a similar issue but it happened to everyone who logged on. When I would open SP it would show my name. Then, John Doe would open SP and it would show my name instead of his. When I would refresh my browser it would show John Doe's name. It was the craziest thing. It turns out that our load balancer ...


Dashboard Designer is not joined to the same domain try it from joined machine check remember password when login to win\IE of BIC or portal http://stackoverflow.com/a/17766222/184572


There is a lot easier way to do this if you want to execute the code based on user permissions instead of Group Membership, usually each group will have different permissions. You can use "SPSecurityTrimmedControl" to render code blocks based on permissions. ex: <SharePoint:SPSecurityTrimmedControl runat="server" Permissions="AddListItems"> <!-- ...


The easiest solution is to run your IIS logs through a web analytics software product. This provides the reports and overcomes the limitations of SharePoint's built-in reporting, which is weak anyway.


The best suited way of addressing your scenario will be as follows: Change the permissions of "everyone" to read only to the site so every one can be able to view the content. Create a new AD security group with all the required 300 users (one time activity at AD level) with out that shared login account. Now add the new AD security group to the ...


Sorry it's been a while since I have not updated this but We had found out what this was. There were lots of site movements with export / import on this environment and actually although they were there, on the new destinations, in the background all the associated groups were orphaned after site was imported . so after a certain period a timer job was ...

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