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If you reestabilish the inheritance, the folder with broken inheritance will keep the broken inheritance. So, it doesn't break unique permissions on children. Anyway, you can try it yourself simply creating a new test library and setting and breaking inheritance. I tried it my self too...

2 What are these configurations meant for? They were a security feature that creeped it's ugly head in Windows 2003, but was carried into later versions of Windows Server. It's to prevent traffic from WFEs to logon to SharePoint using the FQDN or host header. How would it impact my sites or development ...


Yes, this can be done out of the box. You need to set permissions (i.e. Audience) for navigation nodes, web parts on the landing page, etc. for the desired group(s). Also enable Anonymous Access for the site/page.


Just add the group A as the owners of group B. It's in the group settings. Go to the group like you would to add someone, then Settings -> Group Settings


The user who is installing the app that has tenant level permissions should be tenant administrator.

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