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I think @LeopoldLerch is on to the correct approach. Try doing the following Guid siteId = SPContext.Current.Site.ID; SPUserToken systemAccountUserToken = SPContext.Current.Site.SystemAccount.UserToken; HttpContext currentUserContext = HttpContext.Current; if (SPContext.Current != null) HttpContext.Current = null; ...


Try to delete the current httpcontext before elevating (but do not forget to remember it and set it back like var storedContext = HttpContext.Current; HttpContext.Current = null; <Do something> HttpContext.Current = storedContext; Because it seems to use still your curentUsers Credentials when calling the search service (which it still does in ...


I'd suggest you to check this article: http://www.trustsharepoint.com/2013/03/updated-sharepoint-2013-software.html. 5,000 is the limit at which performance starts to suffer but you can increase beyond that. Microsoft has updated the threshold to 50,000 scopes per list/library.

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