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Stop using PATH and use Content Types. It makes requirements like this a breeze. Create a new content type based on Document. Assign the content type to the library. Optionally remove the Document content type Assign the documents in the library to your content type Crawl the content Find the content with a result source ContentType=MyContentType


You can simply use the SharePoint Management Shell instead which has pathing for psconfig, but instead, use PowerShell. Initialize-SPResourceSecurity is the replacement for that specific command.


Any query can be "saved" as a URL. So you could create a links list that included the various queries that you expect end users to run. This TechNet article details some of the options for querying Managed Metadata fields. You are on the right track. You can either use the "taxid" version of the ...


Troubleshooting Tip: >= is supported only for DateTime, Integer, Decimal, Double but = is supported for Text also. Make sure the FYOWSNMBR managed property is not of type Text and belongs to one of above mentioned type. Include a space between property and >=. In many cases I have faced that the absence of space causing wrong syntax error eg: FYOWSNMBR ...


It is better to use the ContentTypeId: instead of the ContentType Name like this:'ContentTypeId:0x01005FC5182DF0BF554287F15C4D8B798E6*' if the content type is used in other lists, then it is better to add the path of the targeted list and your query will look like this: ...

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