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create a custom list or file to LOG just one entry for your timerjob. schedule your timer job to run based on SPMinuteSchedule once in an hour. so basically it will run every hour but before you run actual task, LOG in your list or file that it is starting up for the 1st time. you can log date and time as well. next time when it will run, check the log entry ...


Do you care what hours it runs at as long as it is a 3 hour interval? You could have your job scheduled to run every hour. When it runs, get the current hour and use a modulo operation (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Modulo_operation) to see if it is a multiple of 3. For e.g. 1 mod 3 = 1, don't run. 2 mod 3 = 2, don't run. 3 mod 3 = 0, run. 4 mod 3 = 1, ...

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